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IGF-1 Xtreme™ - The #1 IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor-1) and Deer Antler Product on the Market!

APS Insulin Growth Factor-1 Xtreme™ is a growth factor which is very closely related to insulin. It carries the same amount of amino acids as insulin and responsible for the anabolic reactions to GH. IGF-1 is highly anabolic in adults and can help build lean muscle and help recovery times from grueling workouts.  APS Insulin Growth Factor-1 Xtreme with Deer Antler has been traditionally used for muscle strength and increased athletic performance, post workout recovery, anti-aging, improved sexual performance for men and women, joint support, and immune system operation. APS IGF-1 Xtreme™ contains 100mg Deer Antler Velvet Extract (30 to 100 times more than the competition) and is harvested from the antlers of growing deer, moose, caribou, and elk prior to hardening, with no harm to the animal. Deer Antler is a potent source of IGF-1, a growth hormone beneficial to muscle, nerve, and cell repair.



IGF-1 is released in the liver and binds to the IGF receptors within the cells, which ultimately causes a stimulation of cell growth (both causing new tissue formation and existing tissue growth) and an inhibition of cell death. It is a highly anabolic and anti-catabolic compound. For the athlete or bodybuilder, this had many positive effects: increased nitrogen retention and protein synthesis because it is highly anabolic. IGF-1 (in the presence of sufficient protein) actually promotes growth of new muscle cells, which increases the overall number of cells in the muscle. IGF-1 is also responsible in connective tissue production, improves collagen formation and aids in cartilage repair.

In a study done on young adult mice, a compound responsible for increased secretion of IGF-1 in muscle fibers was administered. There was an average increase of 15% in muscle mass and a 14% increase in strength. When the study was then conducted on adult mice, there was a 27% increase in strength in the injected muscles as compared with non-injected muscles. It was also found to prevent aging of the muscles. Muscle mass and muscle fiber growth were similar to the levels found in young adults. These effects are most likely due to the ability of IGF-1 to activate satellite cells, therefore stimulating muscle rejuvenation.

IGF-1 transports glucose and amino acids into muscle while stimulating muscle DNA. This results in a muscular development in youth and muscle preservation in old age. For the athlete it means peak performance and quick recovery from intense training or injury. Other tissues of the body benefit from IGF-1 because of the affect on DNA and RNA (Ribonucleic Acid and Deoxyribonucleic Acid - are nucleic acids that are an essential part of every living cell). This tends to stimulate a faster production of proteins such as enzymes that help conduct normal metabolism.

Male Deer grow new antlers every year just before mating season. Before they harden, these antlers are velvety and cartilaginous replete with nerves and blood vessels. This amazing growth spurt happens in just a couple of months. The incredible growth and cellular repair that occurs during deer antler creation is the factor that pointed research scientists in the direction of discovering what would eventually be a wide array of applicable benefits in human biochemistry. The biochemical extract from deer velvet produces an Insulin-like Growth Hormone that is uniquely powerful. In testing this biochemical agent, scientists have found that nerve repair and cellular integrity are vastly improved by the introduction of this chemical.

Male Deer Antler also contains compounds that are necessary for overall wellness, such as amino acids, prostaglandin, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulfur, and phosphorus. Also found in Deer Antler are glucosamine and chondroitin, which support healthy joint functions. Cellular repair and integrity is especially important in keeping one’s immune system at its highest level. The rigors of a workout regimen can cause one’s immune system to suffer otherwise. This means faster healing of the micro tears in muscle tissue that result from exertion which translates into less downtime after those especially tough workouts when you’re preparing for competitive athleticism.

APS IGF-1 Xtreme™ Utilizes a Proprietary, Highly Bioavailable form of 80% Colostrum with IGF-1 Growth Factors!

APS IGF-1 Xtreme™ utilizes the purest form of Colostrum on the market and is a highly-concentrated source of powerful immune and growth factors and as a nutritional supplement, bovine colostrum provides exceptional, synergistic support. APS colostrum is 200-400% stronger than any other version on the market! Immunoglobins, the most abundant types of immune factors in colostrum, are large protein molecules that include Immunoglobins G (IgG), A (IgA), E (IgE), D (IgD), and M (IgM). APS Colostrum 80% also contains extremely high levels of proline-rich polypeptide (PRP's) and proteins to help aid in recovery and immune health. Each has a specific role in natural defense, including activation of various immune cells. IgG is found in the highest concentration and helps to neutralize toxins. Proline-rich Polypeptide (PRP) is a hormone produced by the thymus gland to help balance and activate the immune response. Growth factors include insulin growth factors (IGF-1 and IGF-2) and transforming growth factors (TGF-A and TGF-B). These growth factors, identical in composition to human growth factors, have the potential to enhance immune cell function and to nutritionally support healthy connective and nerve tissues in the body. Furthermore, growth factors promote glucose metabolism for fuel, support protein synthesis, and help maintain lean muscle. This supports healthy body composition and has demonstrated the ability to enhance speed and strength training. In fact, many world-class athletes are known to take it regularly. The reason it is receiving so much attention lately is due to the rapidly growing body of clinical evidence that demonstrates how it can support athletic performance.

What can athletes expect from APS 80% colostrum? The IGF-1 in colostrum increases uptake of blood glucose and facilitates the transport of glucose to the muscles, which keeps energy levels up. Together with growth hormones, IGF-1 also slows the rate of protein breakdown (catabolism) that occurs after a vigorous workout. It speeds up protein synthesis, which results in lean muscle mass without an increase in the amount of stored fat. Colostrum improves the assimilation of nutrients, which leads to improved energy levels and performance. APS Colostrum is manufactured exclusively from USDA Grade A dairies, and only from the first milking, is laboratory tested to verify that it is free from hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and rBHT. A truly natural product; Also, the immune factors in colostrum help athletes to minimize their susceptibility to infections while being able to keep up with their intense training schedules. Colostrum could be the most important natural substance to help athletes (from weekend warriors to professional athletes) achieve their desired results. Research shows that colostrum can help: Increase strength and endurance, Build lean muscle mass, Shorten recovery time and Accelerate healing of injuries from grueling physical activity.

Performance: Strength, Endurance & Build Muscle

Recent research shows that bovine colostrum supplementation can improve performance in activities requiring both strength and endurance. An study compared the effect of bovine colostrum supplementation during training significantly increased peak anaerobic power. Colostrum contains the growth factors that help build lean muscle, including insulin-like growth factors (IGF-I & IGF-II) and growth hormone (GH). IGF-I, which is found naturally in colostrum, is the only natural hormone capable of promoting muscle growth by itself. The IGFs in humans and cows are identical, but bovine colostrum actually contains a greater concentration of IGF-I than human colostrum. This fact makes bovine colostrum attractive to bodybuilders, athletes and others seeking to gain muscle mass. According to a study conducted in Finland, IGF-1 induces protein synthesis, which leads to an increase in lean muscle mass without a corresponding rise in adipose (fat) tissue. Recent studies have tracked the effect of colostrum on athletic performance. These studies showed that colostrum supplementation results in much shorter recovery times following maximal exercise, as well as significantly increased anaerobic power!

Advanced Delivery System Provides Better Absorption

In the last decades, the growth of nanotechnology has opened several new possibilities in medical sciences, especially in the field of drug delivery. Different new drug carrier systems in the micro- and nanometer size range have been developed and the number of patents and products in the drug delivery field has increased tremendously. Nanoparticles are solid colloidal particles ranging in size from about 10 nm to 1000 nm. The major goal in designing nanoparticles as a delivery system is to control particle size, surface properties, and release of pharmacologically active agents in order to achieve the site-specific action of drugs at a therapeutically optimal rate and dosage regimen. Most of the nanoparticles in IGF-1 Xtreme™ were micronized by a special machine only pharmaceutical companies have, due to its cost, to between 20 nm to 100 nm. IGF-1 Xtreme™ utilized site-specific drug delivery to enable the Insulin Growth Factor-1 nanoparticles to be delivered directly into the lymphatic system. The nanocarriers were engineered to have a prolonged circulation time and to have enhanced cellular uptake and targeting abilities.

APS utilized 97% pure Hydrolyzed Gelatin protein which is one of the proteinaceous materials that can be used for the production of nanoparticles. It is one of the most widely used animal proteins obtained by controlled hydrolysis of collagen, which is a major component of the skin, bones, and connective tissues . Gelatin is generally regarded as a safe (GRAS) excipient approved by the United States FDA for use in pharmaceutical preparations such as gelatin capsules. It is nontoxic and easy to be cross-linked or modified chemically. Therefore, it had the best potential to be used for the preparation of the IGF-1 Xtreme™ delivery systems nanoparticles. A key characteristic of gelatin is its high content of amino acids glycine, proline (mainly as hydroxyproline), and alanine. Most gelatin molecules contain repeating sequences of glycine, proline, and alanine triplets, which are responsible for the triple helical structure of gelatin. Addition of chemical crosslinking agents gives gelatin stability, shape, and increased circulation time as compared to unmodified gelatin. APS researchers understood the release of Insulin Growth Factor-1 from gelatin nanoparticles is dependent on the degree of crosslinking. Such crosslinking improves the integrity and performance of gelatin such as insolubility at high temperatures and reduced swelling in water.

APS IGF-1 Xtreme™ utilizes an exclusive, proprietary and novel delivery system that combined complimentary properties of liposomes and the polymeric nanoparticles described above (e.g. nanolipobeads represent a new trend in the application of site specific target compound delivery). The problem with most liquid deer antler or IGF-1 products on the market is that they are not bioavailable and do not allow you to see the amazing benefits of IGF-1. APS unique preparation of nanolipobeads involves three steps —

(a) Preparation of PVA and hydrolyzed gelatin hydrogel nanopartices by emulsification followed by freeze thaw cyclization method.

(b) Surface acylation of PVA nanoparticles by treatment with polmityl chloride and;

(c) Preparation of nanolipobeads by formation of PE liposome on acylated PVA hydrogel nanoparticles by vesicles fusion.The Preparation of PVA hydrogel nanopartices is then optimized by various formulation and process variables (e.g. polymer concentrations, drug concentration, emulsifier concentrations, and a number of freeze thaw cycles, stirring speed, stirring time, and sonication time to obtain nanosized PVA hydrogel nanoparticles with maximum entrapment efficiency.


This scientifically-engineered delivery system allows APS IGF-1 Xtreme™ with Deer Antler to be delivered into the blood stream more rapidly to get the powerful benefits from Insulin Growth Factor-1 , where they can be better absorbed and utilized without degradation in the liver as is experienced with most other products. Since APS IGF-1 Xtreme™ offers a novel proprietary delivery system — more research needs to be conducted to determine if the enhanced results seen by people who have used it are due to the delivery system and/ or the more potent growth factors. APS Researchers a preliminary findings show this technology can increase the absorption and bioavailability of the colostrum by up to 800%! This enhanced delivery system to get more Insulin Growth Factor-1 into the bloodstream helps to shorten catabolism (the breaking down of muscle), and get the body back into an anabolic state more quickly after a workout.

All the technology above insures all of APS IGF-1 Xtreme™ and its ability to harness the power of Insulin Growth Factor-1 Xtreme from Deer Antler and colostrum's unique anabolic/anti-catabolic components not only survive, but are biologically active. Research has shown that most colostrum and IGF-1 is degraded and mostly destroyed by human stomach acids and digestive enzymes. To insure that APS IGF-1 Xtreme™ with Deer Antler and colostrum would make it into the GI tract APS developed the technology bove to provide a special delivery system that protects the active ingredients so they can survive the stomach passage intact and improve their absorption of Insulin Growth Factor-1 into the blood stream for significantly enhanced performance.

APS IGF-1 Xtreme™ also only uses Deer Antler that is derived from cold processed, concentrated Conu parvum deer velvet antler grown in New Zealand. APS IGF-1 Xtreme™ holds the worldwide rights to this unique product and advanced technology protein/peptide delivery system and is in the process of getting a patent for the above technology.

In studies conducted where GH and IGF1 were used together, a greater increase of Lean Body Mass was found than by use with each compound alone. APS' researchers and scientists also believe that use of testosterone or a product like Androbolic 250 or Test Suspension and/or Revivarent G along with Insulin Growth Factor-1 Xtreme™ would be a great stack to increase IGF levels in muscle.


As a dietary supplement, take one or two capsules two times daily on an empty stomach.  Take 8-12 hours apart. 



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