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  • Increase Nighttime Growth Hormone Levels
  • Vastly Improved Athletic Recovery
  • Delivers a Restful Night’s Sleep
  • No Next Morning Sluggishness

The importance of restful sleep cannot be stressed enough. Those who get inadequate sleep each night are much more likely to become obese, develop heart disease, increase blood pressure, and heighten chances of getting diabetes than those who get deep meaningful rest each night. Why risk that when you can take Sleep/GH™ and stop the issue right in its tracks? 

Sleep/GH™ contains a proprietary blend of ingredients scientifically proven to induce a state of calmness which will directly help put the mind into faster REM sleep. During REM sleep our body releases natural growth hormone from the pituitary gland. Growth Hormone helps with numerous bodily functions, but as we all know it helps to develop new muscle tissue during a process called hyperplasia. This is when new muscle cells are formed and most frequently occurs during sleep, but more importantly REM sleep. When you consume Sleep/GH™ we reach REM sleep incredibly fast, maintain it throughout the night, and wake up refreshed and recovered without any sense of grogginess. 

Whether you train late at night and have a hard time winding down or you battle frequent insomnia, look into supplementing with Sleep/GH™. The profound affects you receive stretch far beyond athletic or physical performance, but will also improve brain function and quality of life. And if you are one of the lucky people who sleep like a baby, imagine the performance enhancing effects Sleep/GH™ could have on you? This is how you take your goals to the next level.



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