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Metanabol® is highly anabolic compound with precise amounts of androgenic and estrogenic activity which will lead you to massive muscle and strength gains plus, long lasting stamina. These prohormones actually create new muscle cells from increased protein synthesis abilities which increase utilization of amino-acids for new tissue growth allowing you to retain more nutrients.

Metanabol® Benefits:

• Increases Strength†
• Increases Lean Muscle Mass†
• Increases Protein Synthesis†


 Highly potent, but poorly water-soluble, prohormones and muscle building compounds are common outcomes of contemporary sports nutrition components and present a number of challenges to sports nutrition development - most notably, the issue of reduced systemic exposure after oral administration. However, it is increasingly apparent that formulations containing natural and/or synthetic lipids present a viable means for enhancing the oral bioavailability of some poorly water-soluble, highly lipophilic compounds. Metanabol® and ALR have discovered the mechanisms by which lipids and lipidic excipients affect the oral absorption of lipophilic prohormones and will reinvent the sports nutrition industries future applications of lipid-based delivery systems. ALR’s development of Metanabol® placed particular emphasis on the capacity of lipids to enhance prohormone solubilization in the intestinal milieu, recruit intestinal lymphatic transport (and thereby reduce first-pass prohormone metabolism) and alter enterocyte-based prohormone transport and disposition.

To develop a successful muscle building prohormone you must understand the anabolic/ androgenic ratio of these compounds, as well as their ability to affect nitrogen balance within the body. Metanabol® does this with various prohormones that require very little enzyme conversion by the liver to convert these prohormones into their respective compounds. Until the release of Metanabol®, however, these compounds were inefficiently absorbed by the body resulting in minimal muscle and strength gains.

4-androsten-3β-ol-17-one or 4-DHEA is the first prohormone in Metanabol®. Although this compound is extremely effective, its high cost has probably been the reason for its lack of popularity. 4-DHEA is a naturally occurring DHEA isomer. Its structure closely resembles regular DHEA but the double bond in the 4th position dramatically changes its effects.

4-DHEA readily converts to 4-androstenediol, rather than 5-androstenediol, boosting its anabolic potency more than 2 times over regular DHEA. 4-DHEA also has a higher conversion rate to testosterone compared to regular DHEA. 4-DHEA also lacks the calorie burning thermogenic properties, therefore offering superior calorie retention for a bulking effect.  This increased anabolic potency and reduced thermogenic action will lead to noticeable gains in strength, lean tissue growth, and weight gain. 4-DHEA has a mild estrogen conversion that is easily balanced with non-aromatizing prohormones like androsterone or 1-DHEA.

1-androsten-3b-ol-17-one or 1-DHEA is the second prohormone in Metanabol®. 1-DHEA is a true prohormone, converting at a high conversion rate to 1-testosterone. However, 1-DHEA gets most of its effects from conversion to 1-androstenediol, which has potent muscle building and hardening effects in and of itself. Using this prohormone with Metanabol®’s patent pending delivery system improves bioavailability, yielding more total 1-Testosterone delivered to the body. 1-DHEA is great for gains in both strength and size. It does not convert to estrogen so it is great for cutting cycles or for stacking with compounds that do have estrogenic activity during a bulking phase. Because 1-DHEA is non-methylated, it can be stacked with other prohormones without putting additional stress on the liver.

Androstenolone Acetate is the third prohormone in Metanabol®. Recent studies suggest that Androstenolone Acetate treatment affected body weight, body composition and utilization of dietary energy by both impairing fat synthesis and promoting fat-free tissue deposition and resting heat production. It is known that androgenic hormones such as Androstenolone have an important role in regulation of body weight and composition. The catabolic and anabolic effects of exercise on fat and fat-free body mass are well documented, and androgenic hormones are known to mediate these changes in body composition.

The final prohormone in Metanabol® is epiandrosterone. This is a two-step prohormone that starts by converting from its initial form to 3α-Androstanediol or 5α-Androstanedione, and then to DHT. Within this process exist two critical enzymes known as 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17β-HSD), and 3α-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3α-HSD)(3). It’s especially important to note that each of these conversions is reversible. Androstanolone (17β-hydroxy-5α-androstan-3-one,DHT) has been shown to  increase the isometric force (P0 = 100%) of the fast twitch muscle fibers in the EDL by ~30%! Although testosterone and not DHT appears to be the major hormonal driving force of actual increases in muscular size (not strength), the reduction of at least small amounts of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone is a necessary prerequisite for the testosterone-induced increases in lean muscle mass. Therefore, the combination of epiandrosterone to the other prohormones will synergistically increase muscle size and strength. This duo is a requirement to see the results in the gym most bodybuilders seek.

Metanabol® is highly anabolic compound with precise amounts of androgenic and estrogenic activities which will lead you to massive gains, strength, and long lasting stamina. These prohormones actually create new muscle cells from increase protein synthesis abilities and increase utilization of amino-acids for new tissue growth allowing you to retain more nutrients.

Metanabol® is a revolutionary supplement that nutritionally supports healthy, natural testosterone production in men. Testosterone positively influences male physiology, promoting strength, endurance, stamina, vitality, energy, brain function, mood, sexual function and more. Powerful nutrients, featuring Masularia Acuminata 200:1 extract, an ALRI exclusive.   A recent article published by scientists in the January issue of Evidence Based Complementary Alternative Medicine found that supplementation with 500 and 1000mg/kg body weight (equivalent to 6.8g and 13.6g) of an aqueous extract of the stem of the botanical...... increased libido, and  significantly (P < .05) increased the serum testosterone content of those administered. The 200:1 extract found in Metanabol® is equivalent to 13.6 grams of the regular aqueous extract according to analytic tests performed by ALRI's raw material supplier and our own testing lab.

Metanabol® also contains a 200:1 petroleum ether extract from the roots of Anacyclus pyrethrum DC (Compositae). This incredible extract is employed in Ayurvedic system of medicine as "Vajikaran Rasayana"--a category of compounds for vitality and virility. This amazing herb has been shown to have aphrodisiac action. After 28 days of treatment, petroleum ether extract from the roots of Anacyclus pyrethrum DC (Compositae) and testosterone had a marked influence on body and accessory sexual organ weights as compared with arachis oil. The Extract dranmatically increased had a four- fold increase in libido reflecting improved sexual performance.

Metanabol® also contains a 90% Fenugreek Furastanol extract with 60% Fenusides. Fenugreek contains Protodioscin, Pseudo Protodioscin, Gracillin, Protogracillin, Diosgenin, Dioscin and many other saponins and sapogenins. Since ancient times, fenugreek has been believed to promote fertility. More recently, researchers have found that the saponins in fenugreek may significantly promote testosterone production and have a significant impact on free testosterone, while improving numerous other indicators of healthy male reproductive function. A lot of these saponins exist as saponin glycosides.

Metanabol® also contains a ALRI exclusive Tribulus Terrestris extract standardized to 85% protodioscin : One of the most popular herbs among body builders and other athletes, the nutrients in Tribulus terrestris are associated with an increase in a cascade of hormone-producing pathways. The result is a renowned ability to enhance testosterone production for improved sexual function and athletic performance. ALRI's 85% Protodioscin improves muscle growth & body strength by increasing the body's natural testosterone and LH levels.

Lastly, Metanabol® contains an industry high of 100mg of N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid per daily dose! N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid (NMDA) is an amino acid derivative capable of causing an intensely anabolic response from NMDA receptors found within our bodies. NMDA receptors are designed to accept only certain compounds to connect to them, the most potent being NMDA. When NMDA binds to an NMDA receptor our HPTA (hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis) is sent into overdrive and released a potent combination of testosterone, growth hormone, IGF-1, and IGF-2. N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid has been clinically proven that while D-Aspartic Acid can activate the NMDA receptor, pure NMDA can activate the NMDA receptor more than 100x (10,000%) more effectively! Metanabol® certainly helps with Testosterone support, it also seems to act like Testosterone by binding to the Testosterone receptor sites and creating Testosterone like activity. So it's activity seems two fold. Testosterone is not just like turning on a tap wherein you fill as much of Testosterone as you want. The body has a balancing mechanism and each human body has its own threshold for basal Testosterone levels. Metanabol® helps promote healthy Testosterone levels. In addition, it seems to act like Testosterone to promote libido and muscle mass

Absorption is the Key- Metanabol® is absorbed unlike any other Prohormone.

Due to the fact that many of these prohormones have a short half-life, ALR has developed a proprietary delivery system called ProAbsorb-Rx TM. This delivery system is the only oral testosterone boosting formulation using this superior technology. This technology allows the tablet to deliver prohormones and testosterone to the systemic circulation by the intestinal lymphatic route, thereby circumventing first-pass inactivation in the liver. The esterification of these prohormones with undecanoate renders the undecanoate prohormones sufficiently lipophilic to be incorporated in chylomicrons formed during lipid digestion in the intestine. These chylomicrons then are transported by the intestinal lymphatic system. Chylomicrons are a class of lipoproteins that transport exogenous (dietary) cholesterol and triglycerides after meals from the small intestine to tissues for degradation to chylomicron remnants. Chylomicrons consist of about 90 triglycerides with small amounts of cholesterol, phospholipids, fat-soluble vitamins, and protein. They are synthesized in the GI tract and carry dietary fat from the intestinal mucosa via the thoracic lymphatic duct into the plasma and ultimately to the liver.

ProAbsorb-Rx TM dramatically increases bioavailability via lymphatic absorption which represents ALR’s proprietary method used to prepare Metanabol®. ALR's tablets begin with natural hormones derived from yam sources into natural hormones. Natural hormones are identical to what your body produces. ProAbsorb-Rx TM is truly the first delivery system based upon true science dealing with hormones and not other types of compounds that does not translate when applied to hormonal products.

ALRI’s Metanabol® Tablets-The History

During the early 1990's ALR set out to develop a natural hormone in an oral tablet form for hormone replacement therapy knowing that if this could be done they would eliminate the inconveniences of typical forms of natural hormone replacement therapy. ALR believed that an oral tablet would provide consistency and convenience. It is generally accepted that the most convenient dosage form is an oral tablet.

Accomplishing the goal of creating an oral dosage form of natural hormone replacement therapy involved refuting some very entrenched beliefs about the body's inability to effectively absorb natural hormones from the intestine. Even today a majority of scientists and practitioners believe that natural steroid hormones are not effectively absorbed when given by mouth due to portal uptake and the "first-pass affect".

The Science of Lymphatic Absorption

The absorption process for Metanabol® and its ProAbsorb-RxTM lipid matrix system is a digestion that may be explained as a method of micelle production and the lymphatic pathway. These small micelles may diffuse rapidly into the epithelial cells that line the villi of the intestinal wall. Inside the cell the micelle releases the contents of Metanabol® and the ProAbsorb-RxTM lipid system and a Chylomicron is formed. Chylomicrons are much larger than a micelle and must enter the Central Lacteal of the villus instead of the portal veins to the liver. The chylomicrons are carried to the general circulation of the body by way of the thoracic duct and left jugular vein. This lymphatic absorption by passes the "first-bypass affect". ALR has been designing natural hormone products for over 15 years and our  introduction of Metanabol® and its proprietary ProAbsorb-RxTM lipid matrix system will turn the world of bodybuilding on its head..

Lymphatic to Systemic Absorption

It is known in the literature that topical, sublingual, rectal, vaginal and injections of BHRT and Andropause bypass the liver, "first pass affect", by entering the systemic circulation first. It is also well known in the literature that steroid hormones taken orally enter the portal system directly to the liver and are metabolized before entering the systemic circulation and are not effective or are risky to take.

Moreover, it is well documented in the literature that fats and lipids are orally absorbed into the lymph system from the intestines. This is a way to emulsify the fat to effectively mix with the blood and bypass the portal system.

Therefore, it can be said taking an ALR Metanabol® tablet with its ProAbsorb-RxTM lipid matrix system of Testosterone boosting ingredients may "act like' hormones given in topical, sublingual, rectal, vaginal or injection by virtue of going directly to the systemic circulation and avoiding the liver, "first bypass affect".

Try Metanabol® today and see real world results tomorrow! ProAbsorb-RxTM works by a unique mechanism that allows prohormones to remain orally active via lymphatic absorption. Thus more of the prohormone can absorb into the intestinal lining to perform their function. Never before has the science of prohormone absorption translated to real world results. However, the Bodybuilders and Strength athletes who have tried Metanabol® are all raving about the effects seen when taking this powerful testosterone booster. Metanabol is truly in a league of its own when it comes to increasing lean muscle mass and strength in bodybuilders and athletes!


Take 1 tablet twice daily with meals.  Do not exceed 4 tablets per day.



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